Nidhi Acharya

Vijay, a thirty year-old plumber with a love of art and music, started to think about getting some serious feminine companionship when he heard about the opening of a newly opened club in his neighborhood. Vijay is not just any average guy, though, so he was excited to check out Hire Call Girls in Makena. He couldn’t help noticing the posters for it: beautiful women clad in provocative fashions were emblazoned on every billboard. He figured that there must be something really special about the club if these girls were all models with talent. So, he drove down there to check it out.
Upon arrival, he saw that the Hire Call Girls in the main room was actually models. There were no girls on the dance floor, he noticed, but he soon learned that this was a common practice at the club. Modeling in Higher Call Girls costs a pretty bundle, and many of the girls are quite talented. They attract men like crazy.
“The girls all look like they’re straight off a runway,” said one man who had come to see the show. “They’re all very attractive.” The men who had been watching were taken by surprise. “Vijay is going to have a lot of fun at Hire Call Girls,” said another.
Vijay immediately felt at home. Within minutes of being on the dance floor, he felt totally at ease. The Hire Call Girls seemed to understand him right away. He didn’t have to struggle to be heard and the girls’ attention was on him.
When the music started and the dancer came on, he found himself swigging beer after beer. It wasn’t until he saw the faces of the girls did he remember how awkward he looked. He felt at home from the moment he walked in the door. He noticed a few male customers but mostly girls. Everyone seemed to know him so well that he felt at ease. As he walked into the club, he saw everyone was talking to him.
Some of the girls asked him where he was going with all those beautiful women. But, before they could ask, he stopped them in his tracks. “I’m just headed for the bar,” he said. Then, he went up to one of the girls and started chatting with her. He was in complete control of the situation.
Soon, there were so many guys flirting with the same girl that it was hard to move around. He couldn’t get a word in edgewise with her because he was talking to her too intently. He also noticed there were a couple of other guys hanging out there with her. Vijayawada soon learned that girls like to be treated like they were royalty. He knew that if he didn’t impress her with his looks, with his skills as a bartender or with the way he talked, she would be gone before he got another chance.
Vijayawada then learned that girls like it when you take them out for a lovely dinner. He told her he was thinking about her the whole time he was with her and she told him he was doing great. The next day, he took her to her favorite restaurant and surprised her with a thousand dollars in his wallet. In the end, it was the thought that counted.
That night, he went out with her and she had a blast. It turned out they clicked instantly and from that point on, their love affair blossomed. They spent countless nights together. It turned out they had more in common than just having fun. He made her laugh every time he came into her life.
It didn’t matter that she was a horrible cook. He just loved to tell her how good she was at what she did. She loved his sense of humor and his great sense of catering to her needs. He made her feel special and loved every second of it.
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